gypsy sister


How beautiful/amazing are these pieces I found the other weekend?! In addition to finding these little treasures, I found the most magical little boutique on St. Johns in down town Covington that goes by the name, Shop Soul Boutique.  As soon as I walked up to the old rustic door I already knew I was going to love everything about it.  There were accessories of all sorts and my eyes couldn’t stop scaling up and down all the shelves that were loaded with vintage jewelry, as well as beautiful one of a kind earthy pieces handmade by ZinGara Jewels.  After awhile of debating what I was going to get, my eyes caught a glimmer of gold and there it was…. the most incredible bracelet ever!  I knew it had to be mine.  In addition to the gold crescent moon bracelet, I also decided upon a bright purple turban (I have been wanting to add a turban to my warddrobe but couldn’t find a place locally to actually try one on).  So after about 40 minutes in the store I finally made my purchase and was ready to go but could’t help to think when I would be back next!  I SO look forward to styling these pieces soon.

Hope yall are having a happy hump day!

stay fashionable,



Be looking out for a new fashion post within a day or two!

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