Crescent City fashion




Current trends: Leather paneling, black, plum lips, skater skirts, neutral colors, ankle booties.                               All of us that came out to support Noel Martin.  from left: Lauren Michelet, Brock Thornton, Sophie Clesi, Nick Wilcox, Brooke Dwyer, Catherine Kidd, Brittany Bourgeois, Paris LeMonshoesmakeup


I ran into this beauty that goes by the name, Tedrine Glover. She grabbed my attention from across the room with her eclectic style and I knew I had to capture her outfit. Tedrine is wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes purchased at the local store Revival Outpost, crop top from Urban Outfitters, high-waisted sherbet pants from Wish. It is ladies like these who keep fashion interesting.
She gets inspiration from:  androgynous futuristic hipster whose infatuated with tribal customs from India Africa and native piercings tattoos bindis hand jewelry 
And the show begins…..furrcoatcrown model pictured above: Leah Hebertruffle


Thursday night I attended New Orleans fashion week to see the highly anticipated collection of Noel Martin.  Being that she is from the Mandeville/covington area, everyone wanted to go out and show their support for this talented individual.  The front rows were all filled with familiar faces that were just waiting for the show to begin.  As soon as the first model took the runway I could tell I was going to love the vibe of the show.  The spring/resort2014 collection had a perfect color palette consisting of white and  splashes of baby blue and pink hues. The little details was what really made the collection. The models had plush fur accessories that were to die for,  whether it was an oversize rabbit foot or a fur coat to pull the look together. Each girl had a white veil wrapped around her head which I thought was creative and kept the focus on the model’s outfits. I loved how feminine the collection was. The ruffle hemmed shorts and flower crowns were the perfect touch. All together the show was beautiful and really showed off the amazing amount of talent this designer has. Never underestimate a southern woman’s ability to make a neutral (white) stand out so beautifully.

Till next time…. Stay fashionable,


What I am wearing:

Black dress with white crochet cutout: Blink Boutique

White 3/4 sleeve blazer: Forever 21

Black leather booties w/ sliver studs: Just Fab

slave bracelet: ZinGara Jewels

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