Study Break


Happy Wednesday!
I hope this week is going well for y’all, especially those of you out there also participating in finals week. Despite having little time to think about clothes this week, (sounds crazy) I used my study break to head on over to the new location for Vertage Clothing.  This trendy boutique is located in the new shopping area, Acadian Village in Baton Rouge. The layout is a lot more spacious than the previous location which made the boutique very inviting and allowed a lot more merchandise to be displayed:). Of course I wanted to buy half the store, but I ended up purchasing 2 articles of clothing and 1 accessory (hint: One of the items I bought is in the picture above).  Happy with our purchases, Paris and I wanted to snap a few pictures infront of the store before we left.  We definitely look forward to being able to stop by more often, because of how close it is to our home!

~If you want to shop Vertage Clothing you can go here.  You can also see Paris fabulously model their clothes on the website, (or just look out for the billboards in Baton Rouge).
*Keep a lookout for a new post coming soon featuring my new purchases.

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