Happy Holla Days

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Cowl Neck Top: H&M | Jade skater skirt: Vertagé Clothing | Black blazer: Forever 21 | Black suede booties: Steve Madden | Sea-foam green dress: H&M | Necklace: Apricot Lane

Christmas is approaching and many of us are rushing to find last minute presents for our loved ones. Now the big problem: What to wear on the special day? Creating a chic outfit for family gatherings should be fun and most importantly, simple. Above, I have styled two outfits that are perfect for a holiday get-together and created a quick how-to list (below) to put together a perfect holiday outfit.

Holladay outfit 101

1. Choose a simple canvas.  Use basic clothing pieces such as a plain a-line dress or simple cotton top.  You are likely to already have a few basic pieces in your closet so this is perfect if you don’t have time to go shopping for a new outfit.  Another benefit of the simple canvas is that it can be less restrictive. You want to make sure your tummy will have room after all the delicious food you will be eating.

2. Add a bold accessory to your outfit such as a necklace, headband, or chic blazer.  Adding a bold accessory will give interest and texture to your outfit. Make sure not to overload with accessories.  Remember, we want to keep this outfit simple and practical.

3. Skirts and dresses are perfect for moving when socializing with your family because pants can be restricting. However, skinny jeans can work too! If you decide on a skirt or dress make sure to add a pair of tights to cover those legs in this chilly weather.

4. Finally, pick a pair of comfortable shoes.  I recommend a pair of flats for those of you just staying at home. For those of you that may be attending a more formal event, slip on a pair of booties with a short heel.  This way you look more dressed up without having to sacrifice comfort.

Just remember that Christmas is all about spending time with family so there is no need to stress out about something as simple as an outfit.  I hope this “How-to” was helpful :).

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays my style followers. Be on the lookout for a new post later next week!

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