It runs in the jeans

Jeans-left to right. Ridge, bullhead denim from Pac Sun| Madison, Guess| Lauren BDG from Urban Outiftters
Welcome to 2014 my SC Followers!
I thought what better way to start off the new year, then discuss a staple piece that many have a love/hate relationship with. I’m talking all about jeans!  My beautiful cousins and sister know how to rock their skinny jeans {what can I say? It runs in our genes 😉 }, but do you? It is a common misconception that only skinny people can pull off skinny jeans, but almost any one can wear a pair of skinnies. The key is to find the right color,wash, and rise that will flatter your body.   Below are tips to finding yourself that perfect pair of skinny jeans.

~ Full figured
– Wash: Choose a medium/dark-black wash. The darker the wash of the jean the more slimming.
-silhouette: Make sure the fit skims your legs. You do not want jeggings or any type of skinny jeans that will hug your legs like leggings. A little bit of a looser fit will thin out your legs (like the pair Lauren is wearing) and will give your bottom half a smoother silhouette.
-Rise: A Mid or high rise is best.  Not only are high waisted jeans in style, but they also suck in your tummy.
* If you are pear shaped wear a bold necklace or top to draw the eye up. This will create proportion and balance out your shape.

~ Thin
– Wash: Congratulations! You can pull off most wash colors(depending on your skin tone)
-silhouette: If you want to make your legs look a little fuller, choose a looser fit. But you can also pull off jeggings and a tighter fit.
– Rise: High rise, mid rise, and low rise all work well.
* If you wish to create a curvier silhouette, wear a peplum top.  You can also choose a loose fitting top that is belted around the waist.

If you are short and wish to look more tall and lean:  

-A high/mid rise jean is best.
– A long blazer or top will also provide a slimming effect for your top half and create an all together smooth silhouette.
– Put on a pair of heels! Heels will slim out your calfs and give the illusion your legs are long.

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