Brow Down


Brow-maintenance has become a huge deal these days, and thick eyebrows have become very popular the past couple years.  One model known for her bold brows is edgy Cara Delevingne, (first picture shown above) but not everyone can pull off super thick brows like Cara’s.  Eyebrow thickness vary’s with each person’s individual tastes. But remember over-plucked  brows as well untamed bushy brows, are not attractive.  I have created a quick guide on how to shape your brows to get a clean and NATURAL look.  Most importantly, you want your brows to have an arch to them. With out an arch, they will look like lifeless caterpillars.

Step 1:  Use an eyebrow brush and brush out your brows.  You want all the hairs to be in place and to point in the same direction.

– brush upward and trim any hairs that are too long with a small pair of pointed scissors
-now brush all the hairs from the inner corner to the outside in one long outward stroke.

Step 2:  Mark  3 points on your brow using the following diagram.


Step 3: Once you have your 3 points marked you want to use an angle brush to fill in your brows to create your arch.  I suggest using a brown matte shadow (the shade of the eyeshadow depends on your brow color).


Step 4: Lastly, pluck any stray hairs outside of the desired shape of your brows. (Tweezerman tweezer’s are the best tweezers! I recommend this brand 100%)

If you don’t trust yourself with the above steps you can go to any eyebrow bar or anywhere thats specializes in eyebrows and they will shape them for you.  I have done everything from tweezing, to waxing, and lastly to threading.  From my personal experience, threading has been the best method to obtain a precise and clean eyebrow shape,  plus the hairs don’t grow back as fast.  If you usually wax then I suggest switching over to threading.  The pain level is about the same and instead of irritating your skin like waxing does,  threading just pulls the hair and leaves the skin untouched. I also suggest looking up pictures so the specialist doing yours brow can get an idea of what brow shape you wish to achieve.
Brows are very important because they frame your face.  If you have never filled in your brows I dare you to fill in one brow and compare it to the other brow that has not been touched (picture of my comparison below). You will instantly see the difference! Your brows will look more defined and clean.
And always remember,***  do not over analyze your brows! Your brows do not need to be completely identical, you want them to look more like sisters then twins.
Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 12.07.04 PM

~extra tip:  Dust a little translucent powder or highlighter under your brows.  This will make your brows look even more defined.

❤ BeccaScreen Shot 2014-03-08 at 11.24.59 PM

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