Festival Frenzy



Happy Friday everyone!
I apologize for the lack of posts, but I am back and better than ever (with a new camera). I wish I would have had time to find a better location to shoot (my backyard) but I will be scoping unique places this weekend, so keep an eye out.  On another note, I have some exciting news! Style Crossings is teaming up with Obsession Boutique to create some amazing looks for you all.  If you wan’t to stay updated make sure to enter your email and hit follow (on the right side of my page >). 

 Festival season is upon us, which means warm weather, great music, and lovely friends to keep you company.  Most festivals last several days, usually the entire weekend, so finding the right outfit for each day is crucial.  If you are the type of gal to overpack for a weekend because you don’t know how many day/night outfits to pack, then this is the post for you! All you need are a few essential pieces to transition your day outfit to night.  

What to pack:
– If you are attending a festival the whole weekend then you need at least 3 tops, but you should always bring an extra top for the ride home or if anything happens to your other tops.  Most importantly, the tops you pick need to be comfortable.  Boho style is perfect for festivals because of the flowy light weight fabrics, resulting in a chic yet effortless look. I recommend crop tops or Piko tops. 
– You only need about 3 or 4 bottom options as well. Jean high-waisted shorts is perfect for any outfit, plus they are quick to throw on and match with everything.  My second recommendation is palazzo pants.  These pants are my new obsession and in my opinion, perfect for festivals!  Not only are they light weight but you can find them in several different patterns/colors and they are super easy to move around in.  It is almost like wearing a stylish pajama pant!  
To transition your day outfits to night, all you need is a black skirt (matches with everything) or pair of leather pants if the weather is cooler at night. 
-Keep it simple.  You can never go wrong with sandals but if you want a little more style, throw on some chunky booties (the thicker the heel, the more comfortable to walk in).  I am a shoe lover so I would swap out out a shirt to make room in my suitcase for an extra pair of shoes.  Shoes really do complete an outfit, but if you don’t have room for multiple shoe options, I recommend to bring 1 pair of sandals, one pair of booties, and 1 pair of wedges(for night).  Putting on a wedge instantly dresses up any outfit, making it perfect to grab drinks and dinner with friends.
Only bring accessories that are inexpensive (because it may fall off) and simple.  Bracelet cuffs are a perfect statement piece to bring edge to the outfit, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off.  You can also bring a long necklace and a pair of earrings and just rotate them in your outfits through out the weekend.  Keep the jewelry minimal.

Now you are ready to conquer any festival in style!

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