Pot O Gold 

Hello friends and family! I know it’s been almost a year (too long) since I have posted anything.  This past year has been crazy…. but in a good way! I’ve moved from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, bought my first house and I am managing the newest Bra Genie location (just to name a few).  Parts of me are a perfectionist in that I didn’t want to disappoint any of my readers by posting something half thought out. Now my perspective has changed a little and I think it’s just important to share, no matter if I took hours trying to put an outfit together and take “blog worthy” pictures. I know I don’t have a ton of readers but the ones that have stuck around I think will aproreciate the more “real” side of me. I definitely plan on doing more short and spur of the moment posts. Anywho, if you are reading this, thanks for sticking around as I fee blessed and that I have truly won pot of gold.

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