You Look Like the Fourth of July!

 Shoes | similar Kimono | Star Earrings or Similar
Happy Fourth of July eve, aka just a Wednesday. I want to take this moment to introduce you to these two lovely ladies, Marissa from ItsRiss and Katie from TheBaileyMethod. These two mamacitas are the real deal. I’m not new to blogging as I have been on and off since college, however connecting with other bloggers and creative women wasn’t a thing when I first started. The term “girl gang” has exploded and a lot of focus has shifted to empowering each other and helping each other grow.  Incase you aren’t familiar with the meaning of girl gang, according to Urban Dictionary: “those fearless ladies who exude self confidence and help build their fellow sistas up, not tear them down.”  That is something I can totally stand by.  One huge reason I stand by having a G.G. is the community and support. Let me repeat that loudly for the ladies in the back… COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT! Having other women you can feel comfortable being yourself, ask questions and not feel judged is important.  Blogging this past year has brought me just that, awesome freindships and fun memories and a sense of belonging.

One big influencer I see doing this is Angelle from DashingDarlin. Talk about the sweetest most down to earth blogger, mom, and fashionista I’ve ever met.  She has held different meet ups for everyone (no one is excluded) to learn and talk about different topics to help our social platforms grow. Another fabulous lady is Tiffany (aka Tiff, I literally started calling her that without even asking ..whoops) from WeFiveKings. She herself has gone through struggles of bullying and through it all she doesn’t let it stop her from blogging. She is kind but also confident in who she is (love this about her).  These two women have created ways for other bloggers to connect and feel welcome and wanted! LA bloggers is a group where all local Louisiana gals can join and be a part of a community. It allows us to communicate daily with one another and coordinate events and meet ups. Talk about amazing right?!

No matter who you are just remember there is always a girl gang for you. Finding those specials ladies can sometimes be hard but once you put yourself out there and make real connections you will never look back.  I hope you have a fun and safe Fourth Of July!

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