Why a Smile is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear- Smile Brilliant 

Hello, we meet again! Would you agree that something as simple as a smile makes all the difference? So why is a smile the prettiest thing you can wear? A smile says a lot about the person wearing it but it’s important we feel confident in doing so. “ Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” –Mother Teresa 

Unfortunately for me, my road to a vibrant smile was a bumpy one. I had braces for over four years and before that had a small overbite! However, I was lucky enough to get them off in my teen years and I figured that was it, I’m done!  Years and years have gone by and the constant wear on my pearly whites have my teeth not so white anymore. I guess you could say a big contributing factor is my increase of red wine, coffee, green tea and (my fav) pizza! With all these delicious vices my teeth slowly started losing their shine. 

This leads me to How I got my smile back. Smile Brilliant is the #1 Dentist recommended teeth whitening method using custom fitted whitening trays (plus they are made in the USA)! Oh and did I mention they are cruelty free!? What really sold me was their 100% money back guarantee. It showed me that this company stands behind their products and believes that they can make this world brighter one smile at a time. When they reached out to me I just couldn’t say no. I was ready to start my whitening journey and feel confident again about my teeth. 

One of my concerns is that I have semi sensitive teeth. Not sure why but I always have and over the counter whitening brands have previously irritated my teeth. Smile Brilliant offers Sensitive and non sensitive options based on your personal needs, it couldn’t have been more perfect. It wasn’t until I received my kit that I realized really how personalized it is to you! In the kit I received the trays, whitening gel, desensitizing gel and putty to form your very own custom trays. The first part in forming the molds to your teeth was super easy. The instructions are clear and even have pictures to walk you through. Once done you send them off into the mail and it’s such a quick turnaround (if you do them right) to receive your new clear trays back! 

The whitening process: I am not very patient when it comes to this kind of stuff,  which is why I don’t whiten my teeth often. Smile Brilliant recommends whitening your teeth with their gel from anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have 3 hours in the day to stay at home to whiten my teeth. I chose to do the minimum of 45 minutes and it felt like forever.  I’m not sure if it was just me but I drooled quite a bit. I felt the gel didn’t stay in the trays as much as they could have which left a bitter taste in my mouth. But no one ever said being beautiful is easy 😉.  I followed up with my desensitizing gel because I have one tooth that reacted to it quite a bit making it uncomfortable the first two whitening applications. It did get easier and also being able to see results validated the process for me. 

Overall the process was a little tedious but the I think the results were worth it. I feel more confident in my smile and know that this product actually works! I think this is a great product to use if you are serious about whitening your teeth and are looking for an alternative to whitening that doesn’t cost as much as the dentist.  The kit ranges in price and can be pricy compared to your over the counter whitening kits but you will not receive the same customization and results. Plus if you enter my giveaway you may be the lucky one to win this kit for free!

Enter here for a free whitening kit!  Or use code beccamichelet15 for a percentage off!

Good luck and keep smiling. 😃 

If you have any questions about this product I’m here to help! This was a sponsored collaboration but I stand by this product and these are my honest results.  FAQs

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