Nashlorette Travel Guide

Happy fall y’all….I’ve been wanting to say that for awhile! I am so excited to share my fun travels in Nashville with you. A group of us (10 to be precise) packed our bags and took on the city for my sister’s bachlorette trip. I received so many good recommendations there was just no way we could even do half of them. So if you want in on the fun continue to read.

First things first, you gotta capture some of the many awesome walls/murals Nashville has to offer. I feel like there was something fun to look at around every corner. Check out the walls we stumbled upon!

Side of Draper James 12 Ave South and right across from the I believe in Nashille Mural.
Behind Village Pub & Beer Garden on McGavock Pike. Also on the same street as Dose Cafe.
Side of Dose Cafe and Dram Bar also located on McGavock Pk
There are several Dose locations in Nashville. This was the go to spot for a quick bite and delicious cold brew coffee.
Turkey pesto sandwhich served with AMAZING sweet potato chips.

A bachlorette trip just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t enjoy a drink or two. Plus when there are rooftop bars with fabulous views it’s hard to not enjoy the view and stay awhile.

L.A. JACKSON BAR ontop of the Thompson Nashville Hotel
Image from their Instagram @LAJACKSONBAR. *I do not own this image*
On top of Rare bird. Perfect for pictures and a nice view downtown.
Loved the ambiance of Rare Bird at night.

I am getting a little hangry and nothing is worst thant a group of girls hungry. Good thing there is no shortage of food in Nashville. We had everything from Sushi to donughts to your basic brunch food. However, I am a little bummed we never made it to Prince’s for hot chicken. I heard from several locals that was the place to go. But no worries, my food images will still make you drool.

Marche omlette with a side of bacon. I also got the watermelon M & M drink (pictured) but it was quite odd. i recommend the blood orange mimosas instead and the avacado toast hit the spot.
Marche also has some delicious pastries to choose from.
Bar Taco on 12th ave South. I think this ended up being one of my fav places. You ordered on your own paper slips (kinda like you would add a sushi place) and you could mix and match between the many kinds.
HANDS DOWN MY FAV appetizer. These were the cheesy corn fritters and we got two orders because they were THAT GOOD. Pair if with a margarita and I could live off of this for days.
Continuing with the mexican theme… these are the nachos from WOOLWORTH on 5th. This place definitely had cute diner vibes and a ton of seating if you have a larger party.
Have a hankering for sweets? Check out the infamous Five Daughters Bakery! Plus they have a fun ” I love Donuts” mural at the 12th South location.
The Mockingbird for Dinner. And just look at how cute their punch drunks are?! If there is a wait you can walk to the cute bar/restaurant next door.
Adult Capri Sun vibes: The Punchin Bag drink. They have different flavors and make you feel like like a kid again. *Image from their instagram @themocknash

So being from Louisiana the majority of us are LSU fans. We were lucky to be in Nashville for the game and support our tigers. Many of us are alumnis and we heard that The Local Bar was the place to catch the game. They have plenty of Tvs and live music while we cheeed on our team and there were a ton of LSU fans. Supposedly we cleared the bar of vodka.

The Local Nash

After a long night of drinking I had to hydrate asap. Just a 5 minute walk from our air bnb was Cafe Rose. A super cute cafe and that had delectible bites and coffee and tea. Make sure you make a reservation though, this place is adorable and a popular spot.

Grabbed a quick tea and enjoyed the Nashville weather.

What kinda of trip would it be without some shopping? With shops galore, these were my fav and I’m sure you can see why lol.

Do you love makeup and interactive photobooths? You have to check out Winky Lux. It’s a makeup boutique that has several rooms to snap photos in. One room even has a trampoline!
Loved this boutique! Molly Green has everything from shoes to accesories and even a cute store dog name Suki. Just look how sweet she is in the window. By t shirt dress pictured above was purchased from here.
AGAIN WITH THE FUN MURALS! This is the fun wall on the side of Molly Green.

I’ve never seen something so cute! Amelia’s Flower truck is a moving flower shop. You can find them throughout Nashville. I love fresh flowers so I had to get some for the bride.

All in all it was a fabulous trip and I couldn’t capture every thing because I was too busy livining in the moment. I truly had a blast walking (and drinking/dancing) up and down broadway and we even had our very own pink limo to drive us around (compliments of the bride’s fiance). Nashville had so much to explore and I defintely would love to go back and try some hot chicken ;).

My sister infront of our pink ride!

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