DIY Dip Manicure at Home!

I know what you are thinking… “Becca what are you talking about?! I can’t give myself a DIP mani at home.” But you can! During this crazy and unpredictable Covd-19 crisis, most of us don’t know when the next time we can go get our nails/hair done. In these hard times, we sometimes have to take matters into our own hands (literally)!

Before I get into the process I would first off like to mention that I purchased this kit as a temporary solution. In no way do I think doing this at home is the best way to properly take care of my nails. I strongly believe that getting a proper manicure makes the biggest difference and nail technicians are trained and certified to do this and give the best results.

Rossi Nails website

I am that girl who gets her nails done every two weeks on the dot. Nothing bothers me more than my nails chipped, cracked, or grown out. However, this does get super pricy especially because I recently changed my nail preference from gel to dip powder. My nails naturally grow on the quicker side and are pretty strong. Thus, I do not need acrylics, but I prefer the fullness and shape that dip provides. Here is where Rossi Nails comes in. Of course my iPhone read my mind or secretly listened to me and knew that I was interested in buying Dip powder. An Instagram advertisement for Rossi Nails caught my eye and with some research they looked like a credible company and had several great customer reviews.

Because I am a newbie to this process, I decided to just buy the basics and get one color to start with. You can purchase several different kit options for gel or powder. I went with the Rossi Glam Powder Trial Kit which contains one color of your choice, base coat, activator, and top coat. Keep in mind that there are still several other things you will need for this process. You will also need a proper nail file, a buffer, cuticle tool, pure acetone, kabuki/fluffy brush of some sort, and a nail scraper.

The first step is to prep your nails. You will need to remove any old polish completely off. I purchased special nail caps to soak the previous powder off and it’s way less hassle than cutting pieces of aluminum and cotton balls! These nail caps did make the soaking off process a little bit easier because they stayed on really well and didn’t pop off like the regular aluminum did. 100% pure Acetone is key to getting your gel or powder off your nails. I highly suggest that if you plan on doing your own nails for the foreseeable future, you should purchase a nail drill. It would be 10000x easier but they aren’t worth the investment if this is a temporary fix. My least favorite part and longest step of this entire process is getting my old powder off. With trial and error, I found that cotton balls ripped up in smaller pieces and then soaked in acetone before being placed in the nail cap works best. However, it still took about an hour to completely get the old color off and is a little tricky handling the caps when one hand is already covered. If you don’t have any patience this DIY isn’t for you!

Once you’ve soaked your nails, you will need your handy nail scraper to start working all the old polish off. You should always scrape downward from the cuticle to the top of the nail. The next several steps you do to your nails is very important. With dip it is imperative your nails are very smooth to avoid any lumps. Once the polish is completely off, you will take your file and buffer and start working on shaping and smoothing out your nails. I also work on pushing back/cutting my cuticles during this time. This is the second longest step of the whole manicure. Believe it or not, applying the color takes the least amount of time!

Your nails are prepped and bare so now you are ready to apply your color! I chose a pretty neutral pink shade, Honeymoon. First you will start with your base coat bottle. This step will give the best results if you do one nail at a time. apply a thin coat on your first nail (3/4 of the nail) avoiding being to thick at the top where your cuticle is. Then you will dip your nail in your powder and lightly tap the extra powder off or use your fluffy brush to gently brush away any excess powder. Do this for each nail and you now have applied your first coat! It is totally your preference on how many coats you wish to do and the desired shade you are going for. I did three coats so I had to apply the base three times and dip each nail three times. Next you will apply a coat of the activator to each nail and let it completely dry. Here is “your now or never” moment. You will need to buff or file any lumps and completely get them smooth. Make sure to wipe off with alcohol or wash your hands gently to get any lint or residue off. Apply your second coat of activator and you can now move on to the last step! Yay!

So are you still with me?? Hopefully you are and this process is worth it for you. Lastly, you will apply the top coat in thin and quick strokes. Once completely dry you can apply your second coat. Finish off with cuticle oil……and NOW WE ARE DONE! Your manicure is complete and you have a beautiful new color.

I will say that this does take practice. The first time I did this it was extremely agonizing of a process and the results were very mediocre to say the least. But with practice you will learn what’s best for you and above all, make sure you have all the right tools. I will list all links and products on here and on my Like To Know It! I hope this gave you some DIY at home inspiration or maybe even clarity wether you wanted to take your nails into your own hands. I can’t wait to see your results!

Starter kit

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