Polka Hontas 

Top: Natty Grace | skirt : Shop Kay’s |  Happy Friday the 13th! This day is always fun for me. I don’t know if it’s my love for scary movies, black cats (my kitty Luna), or just because I am a little superstitious. Either way I love it and wanted to have a fun outfit, … Continue reading Polka Hontas 

It’s my birthday, I can have fun if I want to!

Happy Friday everyone! I have been living  it up these past several days and taking full advantage of my birthday week 😉. If you weren’t aware, I’m a twin so that means double the fun and celebration. We decided to go to the Maroon 5 concert at the Smoothie King Center so of course we … Continue reading It’s my birthday, I can have fun if I want to!

Pot O Gold 

Hello friends and family! I know it’s been almost a year (too long) since I have posted anything.  This past year has been crazy.... but in a good way! I’ve moved from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, bought my first house and I am managing the newest Bra Genie location (just to name a few). … Continue reading Pot O Gold