Not Your Average Valentine’s Day in Nola

New Orleans is a fabulous city full of culture, fun events, and unique people. Each holiday gives the city a reasn to celebrate. It just so happens that Valentine's day falls during the Mardi Gras season. Wether you are in a relationship, newly single, or embracing independance, we all deserve to celebrate LOVE on this … Continue reading Not Your Average Valentine’s Day in Nola

Valentine’s Day Lookbook part 3

red angel sleeve top: Shop Hope's | leather skater skirt: Forever 21| knee high boots: Just Fab | red geometric shorts: similar styles: here & here | black velvet brocade top: Tobi | baby pink blazer: Forever 21 Happy Valentine's Day my lovely readers.  My Valentine's Day lookbook was so fun to put together for yall and i'm sad we've drawn … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Lookbook part 3